Service through Education/Formation

Education/Formation Committee– Members are responsible for setting goals and objectives to meet the faith formation needs of the entire community, and for monitoring and evaluating programs designed to carry out these goals and objectives.  Meets quarterly.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)– This process is for adults interested in studying and learning about the Catholic faith.  Volunteers are needed for sponsorship, hospitality, refreshments and child care. Formation and training is provided for the role of sponsor.  Sessions held Tuesday evenings.


RCIA Sponsor– Represents the Catholic Community and serves as a mentor to the RCIA participant.  Formation required.


RCIA Childcare– Provide childcare on specific evenings for participants as needed.  Safe Environment training required.

RCIA Refreshments– Providing refreshments for the participants in the RCIA process on specific Tuesday evenings during the year.


Religious Ed. Catechist & Aide  -Faith Formation program for Catholic students in public school, pre-school through 8th grade.  Catechists and volunteer aides are needed.  Classes held Wednesday at 6:45pm during the academic year.


Adult Education Facilitator/Group Leader  -Guides discussion and reflection of an adult education (Bible/faith study) group. Materials are supplied to assist in leading.

Sponsor Couple Mentoring  -Married couple meets in their home with engaged couples to help them prepare for the vocation of marriage. Minimum of 10 years of marriage.  Training required.


Vacation Bible School Catechist, Aides and Volunteers  -Help with a one week religious education program in the summer for children preschool through 6th grade.

Youth Ministry Core Team– Adults, 21 years of age and older plan and execute gatherings for our parish youth.  Training required.


Provide Food for Youth Ministry Activities– Our parish family provides a family-style meal to our youth each time they gather. You will be called in advance to provide all or part of a meal for an upcoming activity, generally feeding 15-20.


St. Mary of the Woods School– volunteers must be Safe Environment compliant.

  • SCRIP – volunteers needed on Thursday evenings and after weekend Masses.
  • Volunteers to substitute for Afterschool 2pm – 5:30pm – supervise while students play and assist with homework.
  • School Board – the board oversees school operations, makes recommendations and supports the school through active involvement with fundraising activities. Members are nominated by parishioners.
  • Office volunteers – answer phones, make copies, misc. projects
  • Cafeteria volunteers 11:15am – 12noon – to help K-2 students items and wipe down tables.
  • Volunteers to help with watering flowers and landscaping during spring and summer.
  • Volunteers to help with summer maintenance issues.


Trinity High School– volunteers must be Safe Environment compliant.

  • Office Volunteer – help with stuffing envelopes, updating alumni contact information and the messaging system, answering phones, etc.
  • School Board – the board oversees school operations, makes recommendations and supports the school through active involvement with fundraising activities. Members nominated by parishioners.
  • Endowment Fund Committee – Oversees the appropriate, timely allocation and tracking of funds. Communicates the need for additional funds and insures appropriate disbursement.  Members are nominated by School Board.
  • Bingo Volunteers – Bingo is the second largest source of income for THS. Volunteers work one night a month, Monday or Thursday, selling bingo papers, calling games, selling pull tabs.
  • THS Athletic Booster Club – Volunteers work to support THS athletic programs.